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knowing is nothing but an appearance of things on a stage for which "consciousness" supplies the footlights
John Dewey
In the "World of Frederick II", history becomes alive, becomes experience of emotions and knowledge through the performance of multimedia, exhibits and storyline. The visitor experience is divided into two parts: the construction of a narrative museum in the Castle's interior, and the evening performance, based on innovative languages which allow the use of advanced technologies that integrate imaginary scenery to the outstanding performances of the actors of the Italian theater.
The World of Frederick II
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The narrative museum is peopling the Castle with stories from the" World of Frederick II". Visitors become integral part of the excitements of the court life, get to know the historical and political events and personalities that marked the Emperor's lifetime. Through an interactive and very atmospheric journey, an exhibition of art and media illuminate the personality of Frederick and his time: the arts, the crafts, the struggle against the pope and his human side as well. In his monologue the Emperor states that he is infiltrated by the desire for perfection, which has been the result of his education. Frederick has devoted his life to bring together through art, culture, government, civil society he boundless "Stupor Mundi", the curiosity about the world. Historic personage and daily life is offered by the visitor itinerary in the narrative museum and a dramatic staging taking place in the courtyard of the Castle with a special effect film. Technology and creativity allow the walls of the Castle to become testimony and reveal what people have seen, heard, imagined, suspected and finally discovered.

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