Aldo Di Russo

Natural is said about a simple thing, it works on its own, according to the popular beliefs. The natural history we tell in this book is the opposite of this belief, this prejudice. Gilberto Corbellini tells how in nature nothing is as it seems . This means that in order to explain the causes of phenomena and realize what is happening around us , we must learn to formulate conceptual abstractions which alone can give life to the fruitful relationship between what falls under our senses and the need to understand the causes for entering be part of the process. Agriculture meets these rules, having been created by man, for man, fed him and feeds him again. It resulted in social organization and behavior . It has affected the health and lifestyles , since man has assigned to the task of representing what was uncontrollable , to the science , the most important product of abstract thought , which addresses and resolves open questions and open perspectives unthinkable , thanks to a method of investigation without ideologies and of the opinions. This is the story . Like all stories , it does not suggest answers, but questions that is why visuals are not descriptive , but evocative, innate to the assumptions and conclusions presented by the author to his audience through a speech plan, but strict . Because nothing is as it seems . But then, if this is true, why a book should be read only ? Enjoy the show!
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